Frequently asked questions

What is CheckVape?

CheckVape is a vaping products catalog, that's aims to provide handy and friendly tool for picking right atomizer, mod or kit for your needs among the huge market.

We are not web store, nor a manufacturer, we collect and update products and information then provide links to stores as well as other helpful information.

Does CheckVape receive any compensation from the manufacturers whose products are listed?
Our mission is to provide a human friendly list for all vaping products on the market, plus handy tool that helps users pick right nad best products for their needs. Linking to markets is necessary part and yes in some cases we may receive commission for that.
You didn't pick the product I like best – why?

We can't be aware of all products on the market, also there are a lot products that are produced from some small companies we can not track always because we did know about them.

Also the conclusion which one is best, is not an easy task, since everyone is unique and have different taste and preferences.

Can I link to CheckVape pages?
Absolutely! To link to our homepage, link to To link to a particular page on CheckVape, include the entire url to the link you're interested in.
How can I contact CheckVape?

We welcome your comments, questions, and suggestions. The easiest way would be to use the contact link at the top of the page.

Other way to contact us is via our email address contact at checkvape dot com

How to unsubscribe from the newsletter
In every email that we send, we are including link to unsubscribe you from newsletter. If you didn't receive any mails yet, or have no mail, you could always drop us an email, and we will do this manually.
What is CheckVape's privacy policy?
We take our user's privacy very seriously; please view our Privacy Policy page for details.
What are the terms and conditions of using CheckVape?
Please view our Terms and Conditions page for details.